Free Dental Implant Seminars

Each month Dr. Jackson and his team hold a dental implant seminar. The seminar is free with no obligation and is designed as an informative session concerning the exciting field of dental implants.

The seminar will discuss implant types and treatment options for patients. If you are interested in attending our seminar, please call Judy at: (315) 601-8051

We are excited to hear from you and look forward to making you a healthier individual.


What is the “Synergy2“ process?

Appointment 1

  1. Tooth extraction
  2. Immediate implant placement
  3. Guided bone regeneration (GBR)
  4. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF)
  5. PRF biologic barrier
  6. Final prosthetic impression
  7. Temporary abutment/crown

Appointment 2

  1. Remove temporary post/crown
  2. Place final abutment/crown

Synergy2 Complete Process



What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is inserted into a patient’s jaw bone and is used to secure a denture, partial, bridge, or crown (cap). Dental implant surgery is performed with a local anesthetic (i.e. Novocaine), painless and completed in one visit.

Implants can be used to retain crowns (caps), bridges, partials and dentures.


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Many patients present with a specific concern while others need complete rehabilitation.

Dental implants can assist our patients get healthier, as well as meeting their expectations.

Before Treatment

Patients come to our practice with an array of problems and concerns. The Jackson Implant Team evaluates every patients specific condition and recommends different treatment approaches to meet expectations.

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Before and After Treatment

Patients present to our practice with a desire to get healthier, pain-free and feel confident. The Jackson Dental Team takes pride in helping people feel, eat and look better.

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Once again, we look forward to meeting you at our next seminar. Please give Judy a call at (315) 601-8051 to save your seat today!

If you would prefer a private individual consultation at our office, please feel free to call Judy today for an appointment.

Thank you!