CNY Implant Study Group

I am very excited to inform you that the twelfth year of the CNY Implant Study Group-AAID Study Club-Mentor 2 Program has been planned. Our 11th year demonstrated a significant membership that participated in case presentations, new technology and a critical view of reconstructive treatment planning. As a result, we have decided to add a fourth session in 2018. As a credentialed member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), I will provide a vehicle to teach and demonstrate many aspects in the growing field of implant dentistry.

I would like to encourage you to renew or join, the CNY Implant Study Group-AAID Study Club. Please allow me to share ideas from experienced implant lecturers and a collegial relationship while receiving continuing education credits locally.

Benefits of becoming an AAID Study Club member include:

  1. Prestige of learning from an AAID sponsored local study group.
  2. AGD and ADA-CERP continuing education credits provided by the CNY
    Implant Study Group-AAID Study Club at a very affordable fee.
  3. As a member you can present cases from practice to the Study Club for
    presentation, discussion and suggestions for treatment options.
  4. Verification of attendance from the AAID
  5. Increase your implant cases by educating your patients to the benefit of
    implant dentistry.

For a schedule of our study group please, Click Here
Learn more about AAID and the AAID Foundation
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All study group sessions are held at the Yahnundasis in New Hartford, NY from 6-9pm